Tips for when you create and design product packaging

A products packaging is one of the most important things when it comes to the customers decision to buy the product. It is the face of the product and the brand at the time, so packaging is very important. That is why we have created this guide that features points to keep in mind when creating product packaging.


Tip #1: Originality and creativeness.

It goes without saying that you need to be unique, you need to create something that has never been done when it comes to that product. Bend the boundaries and try something new, the product needs to be remembered to be successful and it won’t be remembered if you use a boring design that has been done 100 times before. Why not try a new colour scheme too, as red/black, green/yellow, blue/white have been done too many times? I am not saying these colours are bad, it’s just that many other products use these colours as well.

Tip #2: Environmentally friendly.

The environment is already destroyed far beyond repair, that does not mean we must finish off every piece of green land on Earth. Go green and use recycled materials to create your product and advertise the recycling option on the packaging.

Tip #3: Be Simple.

Don’t overload on visuals, calm and simple are not usually things you think of when it comes to shopping. It seems that silence does not exist and that is why we are drawn to simple yet bold designs. They offer easy information and a chance to relax the eye. 2017 is a appropriate time to implement this style as it is really popular with customers everywhere.

Tip #4: Know your Audience.

Research, research, research. Your audience is the most important thing to consider when it comes to designing your package. What age group, what gender, what colours, what fonts. All this is to be considered when talking about your target audience. Ensure that you ask the community what they would like to see, what they want to hear or think about. Because they are the most important thing when it comes to your brand it is as important to listen to their wishes.

Tip #5: Stay True.

Your brand is the soul of the business, the brand is what people begin to know and love. You need to build consistency with your customers, your identity must be present in the design of the product. This can be achieved by using the brands; colour palette, style, and tone. Often, the product package will be the only time a customer will encounter your brand elements. Therefore it is important to keep with the brand style and not to alienate a product or even your brand.