4 Reasons Why WordPress is what you’re missing in life

4 Reasons Why WordPress is what you’re missing in life

Out there currently are a lot of different tools to help you build your own website. However, WordPress, Joomla and Drupal are the ones that stand out in this market.

Here at Dasylva Studios we have put together 4 reasons why you should consider using WordPress as a website builder.


It’s Free!! You can start off using this tool for free. It is the best basic software out there and even most of the plugins cost nothing. You could really look at it as a low-risk for your company/venture. Although there are some themes and plugins that do cost money, there are plenty to pick at that are free.

I’ll let you into a secret – shhh. A lot of businesses are using this web development tool, YES- that’s right. It is because it is a lot quicker, very visual, and overall more cost effective.

Easy to use

If you can use Microsoft Word like everybody else in today’s world, then you can add your own content.

“One of the best, easiest yet” – Robert Mening, WordPress Web Developer.

The experience can be expanded all the time with endless possibilities, the plugins can take a site to another level and can handle any site you can imagine. With plugins, you can add image galleries, contact forms, subscription forms and many more – sounds good, huh?

Whether you’re selling flowers, software, label printers or the moon – you can customise your page to suit your target audience with a few clicks of a button. (sign me up now).

Here at Dasylva Studios, we have a special plug-in we have created on WordPress. It allows you to input a custom form which connects to our label software via an API. This means that users can input their details then the data is linked to our Software which will deal with labelling design, and label printing.

Improvements daily

WordPress is always getting new improvements daily, whether it is going through feature improvements, or just a new facelift. And since it still costs you nothing, it means you’re always getting access to the most-up-to-date platform.

With a community that is a big as it is, there are literally thousands of plugins released annually. This allows the website you build to become extremely powerful and maybe even take over the world as time goes on!

A lot of support

With WordPress growing to what it is today, it naturally now has a huge, active, and sometimes generous community (we are only kidding).

The community has always sprung up to provide the support that you need in times of struggle or to exchange simple ideas.

You’re never alone, there is always someone out there in the community that is probably in the same field like computing, fashion, labelling, food, origami, anything… literally.

There’s also a message board thread, many articles, and videos that you can use to track down and fix your problem.

Making the right choice

So you could go with all the other CMS platforms out there but will you have the success rate? Of course, but if you want your website to be flawless and intuitive as possible, WordPress really is the tool for you.

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