3 Steps To Successful Product Design

The product has to be intuitive

When product design is extremely cluttered, users get really confused and cannot process what exactly is being put across.

A common user's brain would just give up and move on because of getting tired from all of the clutter.

A simple product designs with very few whistles and bells can reduce the product message to an idea that is very clear and understandable.

Software Design and Label Design are good examples of this approach, because labelling has to be easily recognisable and clearly conveying information.

Software has to be not too overwhelming because the user may panic if they do not know how to use the product well. This is down to (you) the designer to take time and not rush past the design process, minor hiccups are excluded but simplicity is key for an overall good design.

Many software designers tend to think of this before they hit the development stage of Programming and label designers make sure their product is intuitive before the label print process.

Develop packaging that's visually interesting

Packaging and products have to collaborate in a flawless way. After your products features have been defined, the points about your product have to fit the packaging.

If you said your product is a good label scan product then the packaging would need to have some relation to this.   Your packaging really is the display of the experience your user can have with your product. For example Coca-Cola's labelling is one that we all recognise. The design back in 1915 was very different from the protocol at the times because a lot of bottled packaging was very boring and straight to the point. Nobody thought of making a design that was exciting.

The actual design of the bottle spawned from the cocoa pod!! Designing a product that relates to a popular thing or resonates with people is really popular for marketing. Again, going back to the Coca-Cola bottle, it had a very feminine shape so people related it to the famous actress at the time 'Mae West' and the bottle was known as her bottle. Marketing techniques like this helped Coke branch into the health industry and attraction for a lot more customers.

Use icons a lot!!

Words are extremely valuable, but in today's world, image also plays a huge part in a world where consumers are constantly flooded with information. Icons that represent the prime core of your brand or product are instantly identifiable and memorable. We are all culturally programmed to gravitate towards things that we recognise. It gives users a feel of comfort and security.

So to conclude..

The more somebody understands your product or a message, the greater chance of them trusting it. You would recognise a pair of Apple earphones without any explanation.

*Remember*  visual perception is the largest area of the human brain that accounts for -- 80 % -- hearing is only 10% meaning that sight is ranked as the most influential and drawing of the human senses.

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